Cover Art by Breezy Jones at Dream Fantasy Graphics

I love the cover pages, logo, and book cover, Breezy Jones from Dream Fantasy Graphics made for me.  She does outstanding work and is so easy to work with.  I never would have envisioned the cover she came up with.  Needless-to-say I am thrilled she did. 💖

Books, Coffee, and Crafts cover page

Books, Coffee, and Crafts cover page

Books, Coffee, and Crafts logo

Books, Coffee, and Crafts logo

Books, Coffee, and Crafts Cover photo

Books, Coffee, and Crafts Cover photo

Books, Coffee, and Crafts possible book cover

Books, Coffee, and Crafts possible book cover

The Naughty List  by USA Today's Bestselling Paranormal Romance Author Dawn Montgomery  and Lexxie Couper

The Naughty List
by USA Today’s Bestselling Paranormal Romance Author Dawn Montgomery
and Lexxie Couper

Dragon's Decree by Billie Jo Hanlin

Dragon’s Decree
by Billie Jo Hanlin

GothicMom's Reviews cover

GothicMom’s Reviews cover

Interview with Eva Gordon

Eva at StonehengeFantastical Worlds, Page Turning Suspense, Steamy Romance author EVA GORDON

Your newest release is ALPHA WOLF’S PET, Hidden Book 1. Tell us about it. It’s part of a novella series, which follows Mia’s relationship with alpha werewolf Dominic. In this new series the werewolves are born wolf and are turned human once bitten, by yes, a human.fb reveal - Alpha Wolf Pet book 1

Here is the blurb: Mia’s testimony against Russian mobsters forced her to enter the witness protection program. She is relocated to a quaint cottage in Wolf Woods, near Mt. Rainier, far from everyone and everything she loved and cared for. All is calm, until she meets Dominic, the gorgeous ruggedly handsome owner of the mysterious Wolfe Estate. He is all alpha male, domineering, and controlling. The last thing she needs is to get involved with a sexy control freak.

Alpha werewolf, Dominic Wolfe, is the packs’ enforcer. When an attractive young woman moves…

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So I’ve Decided to Write a Prequel

Shifting Shadows by Patricia Briggs

Bookin' It

My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

Shifting Shadowsis an anothology that includes every short story set in Mercy Thompson’s world from older collections, plus four brand new stories, two of which are actually novellas. For me, the new stories alone were worth the price of admission, but I also like having all of these stories in one very nice collection.

I enjoyed revisiting some of the older tales that I had forgotten about, and I like all of the new ones, but my favorite of all is “Silver,” a novella that goes hundreds of years back in time to tell the story of Bran and Samuel, and the witch who made them werewolves. It was sad and dark, but beautifully done, and I will look at each of those characters a bit differently in future books.

If you are a Patricia Briggs fan and already familiar with Mercy Thompson…

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BOOK REVIEW: Onyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout – Book Two of The Lux Series

The Sentinels Series by Alexandra Ivy

Reviews by Ruckie

I just finished reading the two main books that Alexandra Ivy released in her fabulous Sentinels paranormal romance series.  Born in Blood and Blood Assassin are the type of high quality stories that devoted fans have come to expect from authors of this caliber, and new fans will definitely not be disappointed.  While lately it may seem that the PNR genre is beginning to be saturated with a lot of the same, many of our favorite authors and a few of the newcomers still bring it.  Introducing a world where “high bloods” and “norms” are struggling to coexist, Alexandra Ivy draws the reader in with both likeable and repulsive characters, a world that is by turns real and paranormally fantastic, and irresistible storytelling.


While Out of Control was released in October of 2014 at an estimated 109 pages, it was just enough to get the readers going.  Born in Blood was the first…

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Coming Soon


Here is an *unedited* excerpt from Sanctuary releasing 2/21/15

Nate pulled off at an exit. It was nearly three in the morning. He was exhausted, hungry, and needed a break from endless darkness of the freeway. He scanned the rearview mirror, ensuring no one was behind him. The road was dark and vacant. It had been for miles, but he had check to be sure.

He didn’t want to stop for a long time. There was no doubt in his mind that the Hunter’s were tracking them. As long as they kept moving, they should be okay. Although, he swore at times that the Hunter’s had supernatural tracking abilities. It was the only thing that could explain how they found shifters sometimes.

Nate drove up to a twenty-four hour Taco Bell and came to a stop just short of the drive thru. He looked over at his passenger. Tess was…

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Last Day of Sale


Today is the last day to pick up Out of the Shadows for 99 pennies. It is FREE to Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

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Social Media is a Waste of Time for Writers—Hmmm, Think Again

Social Media is a Waste of Time for Writers—Hmmm, Think Again.