Computer Virus–and First Day of Real Obedience Training

Terry Speer on sharing her morning with the pups and her views on computer virus carma. ūüíĽūüź∂

Terry Spear's Shifters

First, I hate people who create computer viruses. I know, we shouldn’t hate, but I HATE people who do that. I wish there was a magical thing that we could erect on our computers that if someone created a virus, for every computer they infected, the person who created it and sent it out to the world would end up with a human virus. So that means that they would  have millions of viruses wracking their body. Yep, If I could create such a weapon, I’d do it. They would be in the bathroom for days and weeks and months, depending on how widespread their computer virus was.

Now I feel better while I’m on my laptop, that is great for trips, but a pain to use at home because I don’t have a great way to sit and write on it, and I don’t know half my passwords, so…

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To Outline or Not to Outline – Or is There a Third Choice?

Author Don Massenzio

This week’s blog focuses on the topic of whether or not it is better to outline your book or short story before you dive in and write. When I wrote my first book, it was in the days before airplanes allowed tablet devices to be used during that down time before the flight took off. I fly through Atlanta from Jacksonville, FL every week and usually the time waiting to take off exceeds the actual flight time. During those dark ages when ALL electronic devices had to be off and stowed, I wrote my first novel completely in longhand in notebooks. It was an interesting exercise that was very time consuming. I not only had to type everything I wrote later on, but, being a left-handed refugee from Catholic school, my handwriting is pretty horrible and I often had to guess at what I had written.

Needless to say, I…

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Blog Tour & Giveaway! – Courtlight and Crown Service by Terah Edun @TEdunWrites @xpressoreads @xpressotours

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Courtlight Teaser

Book & Author Details:

Courtlight and Crown Service by Terah Edun
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

Blades Of Illusion Cover - 900x1350Blades of Magic Cover - 900x1350

Sworn To Raise Cover - 900x1350Sworn To Transfer Cover - 900 x 1350 (2)

the blurb

The Courtlight Series
When peasant girl Ciardis is chosen for a position at court, she travels across the empire to begin a new life. To survive, she’ll need to master intrigue, befriend a crown prince, and learn to control magical abilities she never knew existed.

The Crown Service Series
As an unstoppable war breaks out between the mages of the Algardis Empire, young Sara Fairchild enlists in the empress’s army to find out exactly what everyone’s trying to hide. But there are secrets on both sides of the battle that will make her question everything…

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 TerahEdunBlitzBannerAbout the author

Terah Edun‚Äôs next YA Fantasy novel, BLADES OF MAGIC ‚Äď Crown Service¬†Book #1 (set in the Algardis Universe), will release on March 31, 2014.¬†Book Five of Courtlight,¬†SWORN TO DEFIANCE, will release in April 2014.
Her favorite writers include Mercedes…

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Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder

books are my reality

Poison Study was awesome! It had great characters and an interesting setting. In the country of Ixia, killing of any kind was banned including self defense and accidental. Magic was banned. It didn’t matter if the powers were used or not; just having the ability to use it was against the rules. When things were not allowed in Ixia, it normally resulted in a death sentence.  Yelena was supposed to be executed for her crime. She got a last minute reprieve as long as she agreed to be food taster to ensure the commander’s food wasn’t poisoned.

Valek is the one who taught Yelena all about poisons. He is a fascinating character who was smart, diligent, duplicitous when necessary, and well trained in combat. She liked him but feared him as well. He always knew what Yelena was doing. It was his job to kill people with magic, and she was…

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Embrace the Dark by Caris Roane

Reviews by Ruckie

Bella Media Management

After being sucked in by work, family, and life in general for the last few weeks I managed some time to research backlists on favorite authors.  Caris Roane is the author of many books and a few series, but I have followed her Guardians series from the start.  While casting about for something new to check out, I saw some posts about the newest release in her Blood Rose series.  I checked out the summary for the first book in this series on her website and decided to give it a go.

At an estimated 188 pages, this story is a little shorter and more on the novella side, but the author maintained this reader’s interest throughout the tale.  I found the variations in the world that Caris Roane built for this series refreshing, and the remake on vampire power was interesting too.  The typical buildup that you see between…

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Win an Author Spotlight

Win our 1st Author Spotlight!

Author Spotlight N and V

The Author Spotlight will be featured¬†both here and on our¬†Facebook page, “Books, Coffee, and Crafts’ News Emporium. The author with the most ‘likes’ will win the¬†spotlight for next week, (Tuesday, Feb. 3rd – Monday, Feb. 9th). ¬†This contest is being held on our¬†Facebook page.


To enter click on the page photo and go to the contest post.

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Nominations and voting open until Monday 8am EST.

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