Bio:  Due to my love of books, coffee, and crafts; I formed an interactive Facebook group named just that, Books, Coffee, and Crafts.  Then this website, a matching FB page, another group, and another page.  All to share my enthusiasm and to help support the authors and crafters I admire.  I’m also a PA for USA Today‘s Bestselling Author Dawn Montgomery, a beta reader, book reviewer, and crafter.

I’m an avid reader with a preference for paranormal romances.  But I like almost every genre, with a heat level from sweet to scorching, as long as I eventually get a happy ending.  My other passion is crafting.  I love to create beautiful items out of fiber working with various yarns, threads, ribbons, and beads.  I love trying new things and experimenting.

I was born and raised in the San Francisco East Bay area, then lived in San Diego for a few years, followed by a move to the mountains of North Carolina for the majority of my adult life, ending with a relocation to the Gulf Coast of Citrus County Florida a few years ago.  I love living near the Homosassa river in this beautiful old historic town.

You can find me on Facebook most days as I actively run my groups Books, Coffee, and Crafts and The Public Side of Books, Coffee, and Crafts, the group’s public pages, Books, Coffee, and Crafts News and EVENTed Online“.  If you haven’t joined the first and you love books and crafts (coffee is optional), check us out.

Books, Coffee, and Crafts (Closed Group)

Note: This is a closed interactive group for those who love books and crafts to hang out and discuss, chat, and show off their passions.  Be it books or their crafts.  It is not a promotional group.  DO NOT JOIN if you are only interested in promoting.

The Public Side of Books, Coffee, and Crafts (Open/Public group)

Note:  This group allows both promotional posts as well as personal items for sale (Must be book, coffee, or craft related, and not available at a retail store)  Basically book and author promos and craft items for sale.  You can also post anything in the group that is Book, Coffee, or Crafts related just for fun stuff.

Books, Coffee, and Crafts, News (Page 18+ only)

Note:  This is a public promotional page.  I and my many helpers spread the word from not only The Public Side of BCC,  and here, but from all over FB and wherever else we find it.  Our goal is to promote both authors and crafters as much as possible because we care.  We also post interesting craft links, and just for fun posts.

EVENTed Online (Page 18+ only)

This is where I post upcoming events.  Both online and off.  If you have an event you want posted message the page.  Otherwise check it out.  I also like to post tidbits from the events I attend.  You never know when I might be giving something away.  We also post events here on our Events page.


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