#TeaserTuesday Holiday Menage #NicelyNaughty2 Released Today!

Newly Released #menage

Nice Girls Writing Naughty

Willows_Raines_Nichole_NicelyNaughty_coverlgGood morning friends! I’m so happy to be here today to share a tidbit from my newly released book, Nicely Naughty 2, a holiday menage anthology. My story is included with those of fellow authors Caitlyn Willows and Rachell Nichole.This book features three different menage combinations, so there is a little something for everyone!

My story, Christmas Candie, is a FFM menage.

Aidan Callahan loves Christmas. His family makes it a big celebration and he does his best to carry on the tradition. Every ornament on his huge Christmas tree has a story and holds a special memory.

He’s been hooking up for six months with Val Stenzler and would like to get closer to her, including sharing his love of Christmas. But aside from their hot sex sessions, she holds him at arm’s length. What’s the problem?

Val hates Christmas. The most devastating, humiliating event of her…

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#CoverReveal ~ Get Off Easy by Sara Brookes #BDSM #Menage

#CoverReveal #BDSM #Menage

Kacey's Kreations


Grae is ready take her membership at Noble House to the next level. In her sights are two premier Doms who sparked her hunger during a forbidden night long, long ago. Surrounded by the club’s legendary theme rooms, her body awakens to urges she has kept locked away. As the trio explore their kinkiest fantasies, Grae realizes she’ll have to confess her darkest cravings.

Saint and Boyce have been partners for thirteen years, both at the club and in life. They know exactly what Grae desires. But they also know she needs to be open and honest. Until she finds the courage to trust them unconditionally, the powerful Doms can only seduce and tease her in every imaginable way. The men know that even though the triad’s chemistry is explosive, in power exchanges—and love—no one gets off easy.

Award-winning author Sara Brookes has always been fascinated by the…

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Here’s my view of the February 2015 releases!

February 2015 Mystery Releases!

NoraAdrienne's Reviews

Here’s my view of the coming month, as always it is multi-genre.

Enjoy all the great reads.


Week of Feb. 1st.

Perfect Kind of Trouble – Finding Fate #2 – Chelsea Fine
Fry Another Day – Biscuit Bowl Mystery #2 – J.J. Cook
Played by the Book – A Novel Idea Mystery #4 – Lucy Arlington
Casually Cursed – Southern Witch #5 – Kimberly Frost
Gilt by Association – A Caprice DeLuca Mystery – Karen Rose Smith
Town in a Sweet Pickle – A Candy Holliday Mystery – B.B. Haywood
Criminal Confections – A Chocolate Whisperer Mystery #1 – Colette London
Master of Plagues – A Nicolas Lenoir Novel #2 – E.L. Tettensor
Ghost Killer – Ghost Seer #3 – Robin D. Owens
Hunter Reborn – Moon Shifter #5 – Katie Reus
As Gouda as Dead – A Cheese Shop Mystery – Avery Aames
Death of a Liar –…

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RELEASE DAY SPOTLIGHT: Craved By an Alpha (Eternal Mates#5) by Felicity Heaton (@FelicityHeaton)

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RELEASE DAY SPOTLIGHT: Bound By Flames (Night Prince #3) by Jeaniene Frost (@Jeaniene_Frost)

You can’t go wrong with a Jeaniene Frost novel.

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Firestorm Forever – The Big Book

Love this cover!

Deborah Cooke & Her Books

Firestorm Forever, A Dragonfire Novel and paranormal romance by Deborah CookeFirestorm Forever, as you all know, is the final Dragonfire novel. Some of you may know that there are three firestorms in this book, and that it takes place over a year. This has necessitated some choices on my part.

First off, there’s the structure of the book itself. Ideally, each of those three firestorms would have been individual books—to hold to the model of the previous Dragonfire novels—but the nature of the story made that impossible. The three firestorms are entwined and influence each other, AND they all come to their happy conclusion around the same time. Because the three romances are concurrent and interwoven, I decided they should all be in one book.

Secondly, the book is long. Every time I look at it, it gets longer. This makes sense, as there can’t be three firestorms (and the world saved) in 95,000 words, but also creates some…

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Paranormal Love by Authors For Charity has been listed in New Book Journal!


We, at Rogue House, are proud to share that Paranormal Love by Authors For Charity has been listed both on New Book Journal and The Daily Ghoul!

Paranormal_love-2Get a copy of Paranormal Lovehere.

Paranormal Love is the second anthology to come out of the writers’ collective, Authors for Charity. The collective have collaborated on a number of projects, most notably their first book for charity, Tales of an Old Wizard, which was launched in 2013.

All proceeds from Paranormal Love go to the cancer unit in Sussex, England, in remembrance of fellow writer and friend Laura Tina Warnes, who contributed to Tales of an Old Wizard before sadly losing her battle with cancer in late 2013. Laura, who is remembered fondly by all members of the collective, was involved in the early planning stages of Paranormal Love, and Authors for Charity are proud to be…

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Accepting the Existence of Magic

Thoughts on Fantasy

Image: Floating Woman in ForestPhoto by Andrei Oprinca via Flickr CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

If you’re a paranormal fantasy reader you might find this scenario familiar:

The main character, Mary Sue, has finally cottoned on to the fact that things around her aren’t quite what they seem. In fact, things are getting downright weird. The various laws that govern time and space and normality in her world are breaking to pieces around her. In short, she’s encountering the supernatural… either that or she’s just mad. This is a fantasy novel, however, so you can be 99% sure it’s not madness.

The trouble is, Mary Sue continues to insist that she is mad.

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Rachel Reads Ravenously

Fantastical (Fantasyland #3) by Kristen Ashley

4.5 stars

Loved it!!

“In this world you were the only thing I had but you were the only thing I needed.”

Kristen Ashley does it again! I loved this next installment in the Fantasyland series. Cora wakes up in a new land where she can talk to birds and has a sister who literally tra la la’s. Turns out we all have twins in a parallel world and Cora has somehow switched with hers. Very soon she unintentionally brings a curse upon her and her sister, and Cora’s husband whisks her off to safety. Unfortunately for her, Cora in this world is a raging bitch and her husband loathes her.

Cora sets about trying to convince her husband, Tor, that she is in fact a different Cora. Of course, because she sounds like a crazy person he doesn’t believe her. So Cora continues…

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