Bewitched by the Alpha by Bryce Evens

Releases October 27th

BewitchedByTheAlphaT1Get your copy now for the special pre-order price of 99 pennies.

Have I told you about Arden Dixon the Alpha from the Dixon Pack. He is a sexy ladies. I see him as a good guy who just wants to be bad sometimes. He is arrogant, determined, protective, and sexy as hell. He has a Tragic Past, but when a human is bitten, he can’t stop being BAD.

After a lifetime of guilt over his mother’s death, Arden Dixon has grown weary of the push and pull on his soul as the Alpha of the Dixon Pack. It seems he’s forever playing peacemaker, and protecting the innocent. When he finds a beautiful woman in the midst of a painful transition, he realizes that his fate lies in her hands.

The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time
Quinn wanted nothing more than to live her solitary life in peace selling her treasures in her own store, but a brutal attack by a wolf has given her no choice but to embrace a new family and a new way of life. That doesn’t mean she has to embrace the whole mating thing though, right?

New Hope
A man with a need to protect, and a woman with a desire to stand on her own. Can these two souls find peace in each other, or will the brutality of their circumstances break them for good?

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