Books, Coffee, and Crafts News Emporium's 1000 Likes Donation Sign ups

1000 “Likes” Giveaway and Donations Signup Form

To celebrate Books, Coffee, and Crafts News Emporium‘s Facebook page reaching 1000 ‘Likes’ this week, I would like to do a BIG GIVEAWAY.  To do that I need some help in the form of donations and spreading the word.

Any of the wonderful ‪#‎authors‬, ‪#‎bloggers‬, or ‪#‎crafters‬ who would like to donate, click on the banner above or this link to go to the Google sign-up form ->

As part of the giveaway I thought we’d do a scavenger hunt.  Anyone who donates can participate and have the contestants visit your page, website, blog, store, etc. to gather clues.  To give us time to collect donations, set things up and promote the giveaway.  I have set the actual Giveaway for Thursday, April 30th.

You are all great, and we love being able to support and help promote you. ❤

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