Vampire Most Wanted

An Argeneau Novel

By Lynsay Sands



Warning!  This is not a bedtime read.  I grabbed this book thinking I’ll read for a little bit before I go to sleep.  Yeah Right!  Next thing I knew it was light outside.  Was it worth the loss of a nights sleep?  Most definitely!

Sands’ vampires/immortals, (depending on which immortal you are speaking to) are not your average vampire.  They’re human with a little something extra in their blood.

Fast-paced, this book flows easily, keeping you thoroughly engrossed.  Great characters, sizzling chemistry, and of course great mate sex!  (Want to know what great mate sex is.  Read the book.).  Sands’ keeps you wondering and guessing through-out the book:  Who is Madame Devine?  Is she Basha Argeneau?  Why did she do the things they she did?  How can things workout for her and Marcus in the long run.

Although this is a series, this book can stand alone, but I was happy to have the more in-depth background and history from reading the previous books.

5 Stars – I would recommend this to my friends.  I will most definitely buy more of her books and I will reread this book (and the rest of the series) in the future.

Awesome book!

Vampire Most Wanted

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