Crawley Creek Series Volume 1 is only #99cents for a limited time!

Crawley Creek Series Volume 1 is only #99cents for a limited time! Awesome series. I gave each book 5 stars in my reviews.

Lori King Books

Have you been dying to read the ‪#‎CrawleyCreek‬ Series? For a limited time get Volume 1 for ‪#‎99cents‬! The first 3 stories for one LOW price to celebrate the release of Handcuffed By Destiny on August 23!

Grab it now on Amazon, and share with your friends!

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Excerpt from Forget Me Knot:

There was a couple of inches of snow drift across the front lawn, but when she turned the corner and faced west, brown grass poked through just a dusting of snow, and the wind stole her breath from her lungs. Grey clouds filled the sky and the scent of snow was on the air. Tipping her head down, she hurried across the yard to the massive barn doors, pausing only long enough to tug…

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