Sex, Condoms and Birth Control in Romance Writing

Thought provoking article on the use of contraceptives in romance. How do readers feel on this subject? As an aspiring author, I find myself in a bit of a quandary with this issue at times.

The Desert Muses

TDPhotoby T.D. Hassett

I was recently reading another blog ( about romance novels and contraception and did some reflecting on my own writing. I admit it, I have read many a romance novel and made note of the use of or even mention of birth control and can tell you that it is a contentious topic. Some of the issues involve a creepy double standard that few authors want to mess with. So I thought today I would write about this whole conundrum and let readers post their thoughts.

What about condoms?

It seems like most of the books I’ve read lately have the ‘official’ condom use scene. As a romance novelist I want to write hot and exciting love scenes without having to feel like a public health lecturer. I don’t want to describe how the condom was correctly put on or what lubricants could interfere with…

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