BCCNE’s Favorite Book Covers Winners

Favorite Book Covers June2015Winners

Most “likes” on Books, Coffee, and Crafts News Emporium‘s Facebook page

Twisted Tales: A Paranormal Anthology

Compiled by Phoenix Johnson  (Author), Stacey Jaine McIntosh  (Author), Gina A. Watson  (Author), Cherie Nightingale (Author), Jordanne Fuller  (Author),Sandra Wiltjer  (Author), Liz Butcher  (Author), Carole Weave-Lane (Author)


Amazon:  http://getbook.at/TwistedTales
Available in paperback and eBook.

Most votes on our website poll. 

Wolf Trouble (SWAT)

by Paige Tyler


Amazon:  http://getbook.at/WolfTrouble
B&N:  http://bit.ly/BNWolfTrouble
Kobo:  http://bit.ly/KoboWolfTrouble
iBooks:  http://bit.ly/iWolfTrouble

Mr. Random.Org pick

Heart Change (A Celta Novel Book 8)

by Robin D. Owens


Amazon:  http://getbook.at/HeartChange
B&N:  http://bit.ly/BNHeartChange
Kobo:  http://bit.ly/KoboHeartChange
ARe:  http://bit.ly/AReHeartChange


Thanks so much for participating everyone!

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