Looking for a Few Fun Cowgirls (and Cowboys!) to Become Randi’s Wranglers!

Randi Alexander has created a street team. She is excepting new members.

Wild and Wicked Cowboys

I’m starting a street team! With the help of friends on Facebook, we came up with a fun name for it.
wranglers 400x266

If you’ve never heard of a street team, here’s what it’s all about. As a Wrangler, you can do as many or as few of these things as you’d like:

-Post reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, etc.
-Hand out trading cards and swag to friends, family, or folks at concerts or book conventions.
-Share my Facebook posts and/or Twitter tweets.
-Bring my books to libraries and bookstores.
-Lots more things as we brainstorm them.

Why become a Wrangler?

-You get an ecopy of each new release to review.
-The Wranglers have their own private Facebook group where we’ll all chat.
-I’ll regularly send you fun swag items and paperback books as thank yous.
-I’ll share exclusive excerpts from my works in progress with you.
-I’ll ask for advice on book covers and plots…

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By Tamye Whitener Posted in Reposts

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